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Content that Speaks, SEO that Performs

As technology is taking hold, more and more business are going online from brick and mortar. To overcome this competition it is very important to stand unique and offer something unique to the clients that makes them to trust you and it is content. Clear knowledge of the products and services and related industry content makes consumers to believe your brand. Effective content writing via various channels and use it for marketing purpose is of great importance.   

What is content writing?

Transforming Words into Waves of Influence, content writing can be defined as the process where different products, services, ideas and approaches of the brand are stated to the consumers in descriptive and appealing manner that meet the consumer needs and end their search. This content writing is mainly used to have high brand image and attract consumer to have high sales.

SEO content writing vs SEO content marketing

There is the great difference between SEO content writing and SEO content marketing. Through both approaches are linked to each other. SEO content creation is developed with the aim to attract consumer and makes it fit for SEO practices and to rank the site high on the search engine. It is more of the inbound marketing.  The content are created that makes it easy for the visitors to easily visit the site and improve click through rates.

SEO content marketing on the other hand is the process of identifying best online channels on which the written content can be posted and shared to reach relevant potential clients and increases the chances of sales and conversation rates.

If you do not posts or shared to relevant sites, it is not clicked more and thus its ranking on SEO with Google search algorithms falls down. Words that Rank: Unleash Your SEO Content Potential. BackLinksFirm provides the best content writing Services and create relevant content for you, and even create strategies post them to relevant channels for optimised returns.

SEO and Content

Both SEO and Content Marketing goes hand in hand since SEO is about creating best content and then optimise the website on technical grounds to have better recognition by Google while content marketing is to create the content in best format that can easily meet the consumer demands. Since Google provides the content which best suits the consumer needs and thus aim of both SEO and content marketing is to provide best content solutions to market consumer search queries. Therefore it is very important to have content marketing SEO plan to create effective content.

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Significance of SEO Content Writing Services

Content that Speaks to Search Engines and Customers Alike. SEO content writing is very important as it benefits the organisation to have high brand awareness. Creating content in unique manner retains readers and share USP of the brand and leads to brand awareness. Clear content increases customer base as they can understand your product and value it provides, and this converts them.

Proper knowledge of keywords allows to create content that can generate Backlinks due to useful information and this increases authority of website. More backlinks and high rankings in search results make users to believe in the brand to be trusted and this click through rates and purchases increases for your products.

Guide to SEO Content Creation

There are range of steps are there to follow to have content writing and marketing as,

Client consultation: You can share your wish on how you want your customers to feel and what all content you want and more. Backlinks create SEO marketing strategy.

SEO keyword research and market analysis: market analysis of the industry and rivals and the keyword research is done to have best keywords to include in content to have more visibility.

SEO content strategy development: Customised Strategy is developed on what all keywords to be sued, what all content formats to include and how your site will look like, and develops plans accordingly.  

In–depth research process: Our content writer goes for further research where, they get familiar to content, what all points to include to seek expert guidance to create engaging content based on your objectives.

Web content writing:  The content is crated at this point, keeping in mind your objectives on what customer emotions you want to tough with your content.

SEO content optimisation: The content is edited and uploaded to review whether it is as per our client’s request or not, and changes are made.

Why you need a Content Marketing Strategy ?

Where Ideas Meet Execution: Our Content Strategy considers consumers of all types and create content accordingly and consider all points of buyer persona. This ensures that consumer pass through all products and touch points that encourage them to purchase.

Create high quality content: Strategy allows to create content which is well, aligned with business goals and include all keywords in key locations.

Retain page visitors: Appealing and engaging content that meet your needs engages them and retain them on website.

Gain better traction: It allows to search which topic to write upon, what to include, FAQs your business to answer and more is crafted.

Save money, time and resources: It saves time and money since all of the efforts are put in one place and resources are used to have full use of website.

Popular Content Types We Offer

When we talk about content marketing we mainly think of writing blogs though content are posted in various formats. They include,

Blog posts: The content is posted on the website where product and service descriptions are given in general. It allows to create backlinks.    

Website content: The content is of great importance on website as it attract readers. Writing sections in small amounts in various appealing designs is important.

Location specific pages: Based on locations and offices specific information is provided.  Local offerings and products are been shared and promoted.

Landing pages: When you want your customer to land on specific page,, these are best which has specific and limited information with string call to action and increase chances to engage.

Social media content: Content to post on Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube descriptions, Instagram and more are created.    

Ad copy: We create short, precise and appealing content for the products to showcase on search results that increase click rates.

Press release: We create mix of various contents to increase public relations. Use campaigns to engage our users.

Email marketing content:  We create email templates with product specific information and even customized emails for important clients.

Product descriptions: Descriptions of the products in precise and specific manner that meet reader needs is important and we provide the same.

Services We Offer

Content Crafters, Strategy Architects: Let’s Collaborate. There are a range of services we provide to our clients as.

SEO keyword search: We provide detailed market research with use of advanced tools and software’s to see what all keywords are used more and which are not occupied and suggest best keywords for all products. Backlinks firm has expertise as SEO content writing company for keyword research.

Content development strategy: We pride our expert team and strategists that create customised content development plan for using content formats.

Link building: We create relevant content to enhance backlinks and our in house teams maintain relations with authority sites and influencers to create backlinks.

Web design and development: We provide individual services for optimising website s to improve layout, add new appealing images, structuring content and changing codes for bots to easily index and identify your page.

Search engine optimization: We manage content in the manner where it can easily be indexed and consumers can easily identify it to have high rankings.

Google analytics: We analyse your results via Google and provide you with simple format results to check your progress.

Social media marketing: We create content for your official social media accounts and engage and generate leads through them, we develop content and generate campaigns.

Why Should You Choose Us?

From Ideas to Impact, We’ve got You Covered. Here are top reasons with you to visit us.

Fast turnaround: We are committed to provide desired results and returns within target date. With clear expectations and needs we ensure that both parties are on same page.

Professional SEO content writers: We have a team of professional writers who loves their work and have strategist that suggest them and guide them throughout the work.

Unique and fresh content: We ensure you fresh and unique content with proper plagiarism checkers, we review content for AI works and ensure that one content is used once for one owner.   

Intellect rights: When we transfer content to you we also transfers the intellectual, rights to you for you to use the content. With completion of payment the transfer of rights are completed.

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